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Civil War Cemetery Guards of Grand Haven's Lake Forest Cemetery

Posted by ghparanormal on June 29, 2009 at 2:02 AM Comments comments (44)

In July of 2008, Tony Fuller, 21-year-old leader of Grand Haven Paranormal, with his wife and a cousin, went in search of the “Blue Man.” It was a clear and calm night. “We heard what sounded like a Calvary brigade coming toward us from just over the hill near the baby section of the cemetery,” the Fuller said.  “When we arrived at the gate (of the cemetery) we heard what sounded like infantry coming up behind us. No sooner then we had crossed the barrier between the cemetery and the road we turned to see what it was we heard.”


Marching up and down the wall of the cemetery where three to four armed civil war soldiers. When the party witnessed it, they turned and looked at one another and said, "They don't want us here tonight!" The group headed up the hill toward the beach where their cars where parked. “To this day whenever I pass the cemetery at night.” Tony added,  “I look for the guards to see if they don't want me enter."

Article from the book "Strange Grand Haven", by Kevin Collier.

The House on Cherry & Joiner

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Sarah lived at the house on Cherry & Joiner for about 5 years. After about one year of living in the house Sarah's whole family became paranoid of paranormal occurrences in the house. They had an upstairs/attic. There were two rooms. One room was used as a bedroom; the other was used as a playroom. The playroom had no windows in it, and the other room had one. None of the occurrences began until after Sarah's younger brother began to tear down the plywood walls in the playroom.The room was creepy enough by itself because there were no windows in there, but once the walls started coming down, the actual paranorma linstances began...

The first occurrence that Sarah can recall revolved around an old juke box that came with the house. When the juke box was plugged in it only would turn on when the light switch (located in the center of the room)was turned on. Sarah remembers one night, while she was sleeping in her mother's room; all of a sudden she heard music coming from the playroom above her bedroom. The music didn't start playing until after everyone in the house had gone to bed.

Another episode that lasted until the time Sarah's family moved from the house; started around her younger brother. He was very young at the time to where it was normal for a young child to have an imaginary friend. He had two. The Grandmother & the Monster.One day Sarah's mother was in the playroom with Sarah's brother. He pointed down into the area behind where the walls had been torn down,trying to show his mother the Monster. Sarah's mother asked where the Monster was and Sarah's brother said "Right there". Sarah's mother couldn't see it, but he pointed in one specific spot. There were also numerous occasions where the family would find Sarah's brother holding conversations with the Grandmother.

Now,Ferbies are freaky enough by themselves, but there was one in particular that really freaked Sarah & her family out. Supposedlywhen you shut off the lights in a bedroom, the ferbie will "go to sleep". Sarah's sister & her shared a room at the time. All of the lights were off, but the ferbie would not stop talking. Finally Sarah & her sister got fed up & too freaked out by the ordeal & decided to sleep in their mother's room. The whole house was pitch black. They left the door of their room open. The ferbie still would not stop talking. Once they finally shut the bedroom door, the Ferbie stopped talking.

Sarah was sitting in her living room one night, watching TV. There was an old, oval mirror sitting at the end of the hallway, kitty corner from her eyesight. She happened to glance toward the mirror when a woman,inside of the mirror, walked from her sister's room, into her mother'sroom. The women had long brown hair & wore a long, thick cream colored gown with frills & ruffles.

When Sarah had a room in the bedroom upstairs she blocked off the entrance from her room into the playroom. Her cat at the time would lie next to her on the bed at night & stare at the door leading into the other room. Other nights when Sarah was lying in bed to fall asleep, she would feel as if something was pressing onto her chest and stomach. One night when Sarah was sound asleep upstairs in her room, her motherheard someone walking around upstairs above the living room, in Sarah's room, & then go down the stairs & then up again. Her mother went upstairs & called Sarah's name, but Sarah never answered because she was in a deep sleep. Her mother went up into Sarah's room to check, & sure enough, Sarah was sound asleep.

One winter, after dark, Sarah decided to go outside and play in the snow.She was building a fort, her hand through a hole, pressing snow up against the side, when something; it felt like another hand, grabbed onto hers.

Other occasions had Sarah's younger sister hearing the toilet flush on its own when everyone else was asleep.