AmuletA charm, usually, worn around the neck that is suppose to ward off evil.

ApparitionA ghostly figure; specter.

Apports Objects that were lost a long time ago, or objects that are unfamiliar, simply show up or appear some where (like a tabletop or desk drawer).  These types of events are thought to indicate the presence of a ghost.

Astral BodyA body that a person occupies during an out-of-body experience.

Astral PlaneA world, believed to exist above our physical world.

Astral Projection An intentional act of having the spirit leave the body, causing an involuntarily out-of-body experience.

Astrology The theory and practice of the positions and aspects of celestial bodies (stars) in the belief that they have an influence on the course of natural earthly occurrences and human affairs.

AuraAn invisible emanation of light that seems to surround a person or thing, often thought to reflect a person’s personality.

Automatic WritingMethod of obtaining information from disembodied spirits, used by mediums in which the spirit takes control over the medium causing them to translate unconscious information to paper without being aware of the contents.

AutoscopyVisual hallucination or image of one’s body looking back at themselves from a position outside of their body.

Ball Lightening A rare form of lighting in the shape of a glowing ball that can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes.  Typically associated with thunderstorms, these spheres are thought to consist of ionized gases.

BansheeA wailing spirit or “death omen” that will appear to be in two different places at the same time.

Black ShuckA spectral death omen in the form of a ghostly dog. (see also: Hellhound)

Channeler (Also see medium) A person who can bring forth a ghost, allowing it to use their own body and voice.

ClairaudientA person who can hear “psychic” sounds & voices that no one else can hear.

ClairvoyantA person who receives detailed mental images and/or pictures of people or events that they could not possibly have known.

Cold Reading This is a technique commonly used by fake mind readers, mediums and magicians which allows them to obtain previously unknown information about a person by asking a general series of questions, along with other statements and answers.

Collective ApparitionA rare type of sighting in which more than one person sees the same apparition or phenomena.

DoppelgangerAn exact double or mirror image of a person which is considered to be very negative.

DebunkTo investigate and analyze. To prove the truth about an event.

DemonologistA person who studies ghostly phenomena to determine if it is the work of a demon, rather than a ghost.

Disembodied Voice An audible voice with no apparent source.  It can be compared to an EVP, except an EVP is picked up on a recording device, and a disembodied voice is heard with your own ears as it happens.

Ectoplasmic mistA physical substance that supposedly manifests as a result of "spiritual energy" or "psychic phenomenon".  Ectoplasm is said to be associated with the formation of ghosts, and hypothesized to be an enabling factor in psychokinesis.

Elementals Spirits who watch over the (4) four elements of nature. Nature’s angels, referred to by various names like Fairies, Elves, Divas, Brownies, Leprechauns, Gnomes, Sprites, Pixies and many others.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF)These are both a natural and man-made physical field produced by electrically charged objects. It affects the behavior of charged objects in the vicinity of the field. The electromagnetic field extends indefinitely throughout space. It is one of the four fundamental forces of nature (the others are gravitation, the weak interaction, and the strong interaction). EMF’s can be caused by things like old or improper wiring.  EMF’s can cause a person to feel emotional distress’s like claustrophobia, the feeling of being watched, nausea, headaches or general uneasiness.

Empathic A person who has the ability to feel the emotions of others, dead or alive.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)The capture of a voice or sound on a device such as a digital voice recorder or video recorder.  These voices or sounds are only heard when listening to the recording and were not heard by the investigators or other people when the recording was being taken.

EVP Ears A sense of hearing state of mind where a person has listened to so many EVP’s that they can hear things on tape much easier than most others.

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) Communication or perception by means other than physical senses.

Exorcism The banishment of an entity or entities (spirits, ghosts and demons ) that is thought to possess or haunt a location, person or animal.  The ritual, which can be religious in nature, is conducted by an exorcist who will call upon a higher power to cast out any evil forces that may reside there.

Fear Cage A confined area or room with a high EMF reading. This can cause hallucinations as well as headaches, body aches, nausea and paranoia.  It is also thought to be an area conductive to strong paranormal activity.

Ghost (1) A visual manifestation of a spirit or entity. (2) The residual energy of a person or animal which is visible in some form.

GhostbusterA person who investigates a haunted location with the intent of contacting a ghost and “releasing it to the light”, freeing it, removing it from that location.

GhosthunterA person who studies paranormal phenomena in an attempt to understand the causes of that phenomena.

Ghost light(s)Lights that are anomalous, usually seen at night.  Most sightings have been in mountainous regions.

GhoulA demonic or parasitic entity that feeds upon human remains.

G.H.P.Grand Haven Paranormal. A group dedicated to honest research of paranormal events.

G.R.A.S.P.P. Gathering Research And Stories of Paranormal Phenomena. A group of paranormal investigators. Another group dedicated to honest research of paranormal events.

Haunting To inhabit or frequent as a specter; to visit as a ghost or apparition. In reference to paranormal investigation there are 3 types of haunting: 1) Residual, 2) Intelligent and 3) Poltergeist.

Residual An event or manifestation (visual, sound, smell or any combination of) that will replay itself as if it were a recording, not being effected by any other surroundings.

IntelligentAn event or manifestation that shows some sort of intelligence, able to interact or communicate with the investigator(s).

Poltergeist A ghost that manifests itself by noises, rapping’s, and the creation of disorder.

Hellhound A spectral death omen in the form of a ghostly dog. (see also: Black Shuck)

Ignis Fatuus A phosphorescent or spectral light that is alleged to be an indication of death.  This phenomenon is thought to be caused by spontaneous combustion of gasses emitted by rotting organic matter.

Inhuman Spirit A spirit that is not of human nature usually referred to as a poltergeist, demon or devil.

K2 Meter A meter that is used for detecting weak Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). Ghosts (in theory) emit an electromagnetic field as they move about. This meter can detect the field. If the ghost is interactive, its movements can act as a response to a question being asked.

Living Ghosts 2 definitions: 1) When a person is visited by, and interacts with, a person, often a family member or close friend, at the moment that they die. The observer does not usually know at the time that the person has died and they often find out later that the visit took place at the exact time of death. 2) When a person is visited by a friend or family member who is alive but in need of help.  They could be ill or suffering in some way and are making a psychic connection to help them get through the problem they’re having.

Lucid Dreaming A dream state in which one is awake enough to recognize that one is in the dream state and is then able to control the dreams events.

Marian Apparitions Any event in which the Virgin Mary is seen.

Matrixing The minds ability to find something familiar in an image that it doesn’t quite understand or recognize

Medium – 1) A person thought to have the power to communicate with the spirits.  2) A person who can bring forth a ghost, allowing it to use their own body and voice.

Old Hag Syndrome A nocturnal phenomena that involves a feeling of immobilization, suffocation, odd smells and/or feelings and is sometimes accompanied by strong feeling of fear.

OrbsOrbs mean different thing to many people.  Certain groups will totally omit orb evidence because it can be recreated.  Still others believe that orbs are spirits trying to manifest themselves.  Some believe that they are balls of energy used by spirits to manifest or even just balls of energy which are naturally in the atmosphere.  In order to believe in orbs as evidence, some say that there are certain requirements they must have to be called an “Orb”…

·         Orbs must be spherical.

·         Orbs must generate there own light.

·         Orbs must show an intelligent flight path.

          Some groups believe that an orbs color is a key to the characteristic of that spirit…


                    RedStress, restlessness

                    Dark red Anger, pain, psychological impairment

                    Clear red High energy

                    PeachAbility to comfort

                   OrangeHealing energy

                    GoldFree flowing energy, tolerance


                    Yellow green Psychic growth

                    Green Healing, fertility

                    TurquoiseAmusement, neutrality

                    Light blue Tranquility

                    Pilot light blue Shielding

                    Dark blue Shielding, shyness, survivor instinct

                    Lavender At peace with the divine

                    Purple Stored information

                    VioletSeeking spiritual

                    WhiteHigh frequency, protection, shielding

                    SilverTelekinetic power

                    Brown Connection to the earth

Paranormala general term that describes unusual experiences that lack an obvious scientific explanation or phenomena alleged to be outside of science's current ability to explain or measure.

ParapsychologistA psychologist who studies the evidence of phenomena like clairvoyance, ghosts, psycho kinesis, telepathy.

PhantomSomething that is seen, heard or sensed, but has no physical reality.

PhenomenaAny observable occurrence. In popular usage, a phenomenon often refers to an extraordinary event.

PoltergeistA non-human spirit or entity which literally means “noisy ghost”, but it is usually more malicious and destructive than ghosts of a dead person.  Traditionally, poltergeist activities are thumping and banging, levitating or moving of objects, stone throwing and starting fires.  It is thought that poltergeist activity in some cases may be brought on subconsciously by an adolescent or females under the age of 25.

Preternatural Phenomena caused by inhuman spirits considered possessed of a negative, diabolical intelligence.

PsychicA person who has the ability to perceive things that can’t be perceived by normal use of the senses.

Radio Voice Phenomenon (RVP)Receiving the voice of a deceased person through a regular radio.

Remote Viewing Used by some psychics, this is a procedure in which the percipient or psychic attempts to become physically aware of the experience of an agent who is at a distant, unknown location through ESP.

Shadow People (also known as shadow men, shadow folk, or shadow beings) are supernatural shadow-like creatures of both modern folklore and traditional Native American beliefs. According to folklore, they appear as dark forms in the peripheries of people's vision and disintegrate, or move between walls, when noticed. Reports of shadow people occupy a similar position in the popular consciousness to ghost sightings, but differ in that shadow people are not reported as having human features, wearing modern/period clothing, or attempting to communicate. Some individuals have described being menaced, chased, or in some rare instances, attacked by shadow people. There have also been reports of shadow people appearing in front of witnesses and lingering for several seconds before disappearing. Witnesses report that encounters are typically accompanied by a feeling of dread.

ShamanA member of certain tribal societies who acts as a medium between the visible world and an invisible spirit world and who also practices magic or sorcery for purposes of healing, divination and control over other natural events.

Specter A ghostly apparition; a phantom (See Ghost).

Spirit The living essence or soul of a person which remains after the body has died. Some people believe that spirits can and do communicate with the living.  Using visual means, emotional impressions or physically moving or touching people or objects.

SpiritualistA person who believes that the living can contact the spirits of the dead to seek their guidance or advice.

Spirit ManifestationA manifestation is when a spirit gathers enough energy to form a visual object which can be seen or recorded.  In order for a spirit to manifest itself, it will gather energy from things like batteries in recording devices, people (sometimes causing the person to feel nauseous or dizzy), or the surrounding environment itself causing cold spots that can be felt or detected.

Supernatural Activity caused by any force or agent that is not part of the physical, earthly realm.

Telepathy Communication from one mind to another through means other than the senses.

Vortex An anomaly that appears as a funnel or rope-like image in photographs.  These images are sometimes thought to represent ghosts, collections of orbs or gateways which travel to a wormhole in time-space. 

White Noise An acoustical or electrical noise of which the intensity is the same at all frequencies within a given band.